According to UNICEF, Indian children’s violations of their protection rights remains spread and multiple in nature. The nature of these violations is various, ranging from child labor, child trafficking, to commercial sexual exploitation and many other forms of violence and abuse. Although poverty is often cited as the cause, other factors such as discrimination, social exclusion, and parental attitudes are the main reasons. The following statistics show the extent of perilous childhood in India;

India has the largest number of child laborers under the age of 14 in the world. Many of these children are not only subjected to many hazards of their labor, but also denied the education or support that could enable them to escape the poverty trap
40% of women sex workers enter prostitution before the age of 18 years
It is estimated 220,000 children infected by HIV/AIDS and 55,000 to 60,000 children are born every year to mothers who are HIV positive
Malnutrition affects nearly half of all children under age five in India
Diarrhea, often caused by unsafe drinking water or poor sanitation, is the second leading cause of death among children

Unless action is taken to protect children from these vulnerabilities it is very difficult for India to achieve inclusive growth. These children need to be given their due rights by protecting their childhood from exploitation. Many NGOs are working with children who are victims of exploitation by providing them with shelter, food, access to education and health care. They are also working to bring awareness on children’s rights and abuse. Your support can provide these children with the childhood they deserve.

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