The buildings sector is responsible for one third of India’s total electricity consumption. Rapid urbanization is leading to an increase in the demand for electricity at a rate higher than can be matched by supply. In such a scenario, it is imperative to invest in energy efficient building construction and avoid the long term lock-in effect of inefficient, high energy consuming building structures.

We are supporting the roll out of the Energy Conservation Buildings Code (ECBC) in India through various means – strengthening the compliance environment; supporting the development of incentives and penalty systems; facilitating the groundwork needed to develop a labelling system for building materials, and finally, supporting the ECBC implementation ecosystem in identifying and plugging potential gaps.

The Buildings programme is currently focusing on the states of Uttar Pradesh, extending support to the state governments in developing their implementation roadmaps. These roadmaps will aid implementation blueprints for other states. The Buildings programme is working extensively on all aspects of the roll out and subsequent compliance of the ECBC especially in the synchronization of key stakeholders – state governments, Industry, builders, architects, implementing authorities, civil society organisations and the Bureau of Energy efficiency.

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